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So this is the start of my new blog. This has been a long time coming and I have tried it on many different sites, but between one thing and another I have been too nervous to ever properly publish something. I’m hoping that this is all about to change…

This Summer was one full of adventures, which I hope will continue this year as I am about to embark on the adventure that is my Year Abroad!

As I study French and International Relations I have to spend a year in a Francophone speaking country and because of this I am going to the hub of European diplomatic relations that is BELGIUM. During this year I will be a teacher at a University, as part of the British Council Scheme, and will be living in Liege. However, due to the fact I have many friends that will be living all over Europe, the plan is to be able to visit as many different countries and cities this year as possible. Therefore, this blog will document my travels, cultural experiences and life abroad, although inevitably the particular focus this year will be on life in Belgium.



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